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Part 1

Wolfgang has recently become a vampire. He is having trouble adapting to his new way of life.

". . ."

He deals with an insatiable thirst.

However, it's a thirst that is unsatisfied by just the blood of his random victims. He is looking for something more... precious. Something he can take with him through this immortal life.

[Back at the apartment]

He pulls out his phone.
Wolfgang: "Come over, I need to talk to you."
Karina: "What? ...Okay, I'll be there in ten minutes."

He waits.

When he finally sees her face, it's as if she manifested out of his waking dream.
He does the only thing that comes to mind.

It feels natural, like it was supposed to be this way all along.

Or maybe things aren't as easy as he thinks.
He contemplates.


Zaiden is awoken by a girl's voice outside his door.

*Knocking* "Can I come in?"
"K...Karina? Of course..." He gets up.

"Is everything okay? What's wrong? What... what's on your neck?!" They sit down.
"I don't know, he... Wolfgang asked me to come... he..."
"What? Wolfgang did? Wait... he didn't bite you...?! That son of a..."
"What's wrong with him, Zaiden?! He was never like this before! His face and... and his teeth! He's changed..."
She pauses, a panicked look on her face.
"I'm sorry, I... I need to go. I'm scared and I can't stay here anymore!"

She leaves the room.

Zaiden storms into the living room, fully prepared to fight Wolfgang for Karina's sake, but when he gets there she hasn't left. In fact she's in some kind of trance, talking to herself in a nonsensical way, and Wolfgang is just watching.

Un-phased, Wolfgang walks over to Zaiden. His nonchalant attitude is more than Zaiden can stand, and he goes off on him. He calls Wolfgang every name he can think of. He has never felt rage like this before! He doesn't know if he can actually fight a vampire and live to tell the tale, but for the sake of his lover he is willing to try! He is about to start throwing punches...

It's too late though. Wolfgang takes control of his psyche.

Zaiden feels the uncontrollable urge to hurl insults at Karina, who has since become normal again.

He sits down beside her. He starts hearing things he would never think to say--but in his own voice. His mind is screaming "Stop!", but his mouth won't quit spewing out the terrible words. He can see Wolfgang looking at them. There's no real emotion showing on his face, but his eyes show clear satisfaction.

Suddenly Zaiden's mind goes blank. A feeling of euphoria washes over him and the voice stops. What was he doing, again? One look at Karina's face tells him that she's upset, but he doesn't remember why...

She is enraged, screaming at him.

"Don't call me, okay?"


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